Everything You Need to lớn Know about Jonghyun’s Sister

Being the sister of one of the most popular Korean idols can give sầu you a lot of privilege. The sister of SHINee‘s Jonghyun can watch his performances right in front of the stage và can have sầu backstage access to lớn his performances. She can watch & see every SHINee activity before the videos và photos are released to lớn the public.

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However, Jonghyun’s sister also endured the worst situation, the death of Jonghyun, in front of the public eye. Initially, she knew that something was wrong with Jonghyun và that he was suffering a lot from the pressure of being an idol, but it was too late.

Find out about Jonghyun’s sister & her relationship with Jonghyun in this article!

Jonghyun’s Sister’s Profile


Name: Kyên ổn So-dam

Date of Birth: 1988


She worked in the entertainment industry as additional production personnel.She participated in Kim Yong-man’s Do Dream TV program.

The Relationship between Jonghyun & His Sister

Jonghyun and his sister, Kim So-dam, were very cthua kém since they were young, và they had a lot of understandings of each other. Even though she is two years older, on variety shows, Jonghyun always explained how he cares for her và loves her. He would hold her cheek, kiss her on the head, wrap his hvà around her shoulder, & hold her hands.

Jonghyun’s sister is two years older than hyên ổn but she gets scared easily. During heavy rain & thunderstorms, Jonghyun would sleep next to her & give his hand as her pillow. He said that Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is her igiảm giá khuyến mãi type, but he never likes the guys that she likes.


Jonghyun‘S Sister’s Response to lớn Jonghyun’s Instagram Post


SHINee Jonghyun posted a screenshot of the lyrics from Dear Cloud’s “Beside You” on his Instagram account. The lyrics are gloomy và sad và might have sầu indicated Jonghyun’s last cry for help. The post was the last communication made by Jonghyun to his fans. Jonghyun also sent a message khổng lồ his sister và said,

“This is my last farewell. Please let me go & say that I did a good job.”

His sister tried to lớn liên hệ hlặng several times, but there was no response from Jonghyun. She called the police to visit Jonghyun’s house, but they found hyên unconscious due khổng lồ inhaling toxic gas. Later that day, he passed.

Jonghyun’s Funeral

Jonghyun’s funeral was held privately by his family in Seoul. Jonghyun’s sister held his picture as she led the procession out of Asan Medical Centre. SHINee’s Minho held Jonghyun’s nameplate while all of SHINee’s members carried his coffin from the hospital. Artists from SM Entertainment and hundreds of fans gathered to lớn give their last respects.


Fans paid their last farewells khổng lồ Jonghyun at the coffin room on the basement floor. Most of the fans couldn’t believe sầu that he had so much pain inside. They hoped that he can find peace.

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Jonghyun’s Sister Established Shiny Foundation


After Jonghyun’s death, Kyên So-dam & her mother made a foundation called Shiny Foundation khổng lồ help every youth that has problems with their lives. The name of the foundation was inspired by Jonghyun’s group SHINee & Jonghyun’s last song “Shinin.” Shiny Foundation was created in September 2018 to commemorate Jonghyun’s legacy lớn the Korean music industry. Jonghyun’s mother, Lee Eunkyung, is the director of Shiny Foundation while Jonghyun’s sister became the secretary-general.


In November 2018, Shiny Foundation & the Federation of Korean Music Performers (FKMP) helped lớn fund the cancer treatment cost for SSAW’s Jeon Tae-gwan. In December 2018, the foundation held an art exhibition at S.M. Town Coex Artium, Gangnam giới, khổng lồ display videos và writings that were dedicated to lớn Jonghyun.

Jonghyun’s Sister Sings “Happy Birthday” khổng lồ Jonghyun

To celebrate what would have sầu been Jonghyun’s 30th birthday (in Koren age), Jonghyun’s sister Klặng So-dam released her cover of Jonghyun’s “Happy Birthday.” Jonghyun’s birthday was celebrated every April 8th, & his sister posted the cover a day earlier.

Jonghyun’s sister re-arranged the lyrics to remember the beautiful memories that they had in the past. K-pop fans, especially SHINee fans, were moved by Sodam’s song cover. Fans also felt thankful for her cover because the cover is a reminder that Jonghyun still exists in every fans’ heart.

In the Clip of the cover, Jonghyun’s sister had already forgotten about the grief và sadness that Jonghyun experienced. She was smiling because she remembered all the beautiful memories that they had.

Jonghyun & his sister Kim So-dam were very cđại bại since they were very young. He even protected her from the bad boys that she liked. She must miss him very much because both of them were a source of strength for each other.

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