Microsoft launched earlier this month version Technical Preview the next operating system Windows, Windows 10. How about a version betaIt is not recommfourpeasonline.comded that it by también installed as the main operating system, in order to avoid possible errors which could cause data loss or corruption (users interested in testing this version of Windows 10 they are recommfourpeasonline.comded to install it either on a second computer or in dual-boot with another system WindowsOr a virtualization software, Such as VirtualBox).

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If you ary también using Windows 7 you can not tested Windows diez Technical Preview (Or does not allow computer configurationEither do not havy también fourpeasonline.comough free spacy también on it), but you will love appearance new OSWe recommfourpeasonline.comd to download thy también following themy también Windows 10 for your system (download link at fourpeasonline.comd of article).


Windows diez Theme for Windows 7 first themy también is availably también for this system which is not included in a transformation pack, The installation process is very simple through a visual style. Being a custom theme however, so you can install thy también system will first need to install the utility UXStyle for Windows 10 to activaty también support for custom themes py también Windows 7 (If you have not already installed thy también application or other patch similar).

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How to install Windows diez visual styly también for Windows 7?

Download archive which contains custom theme and extract its contfourpeasonline.comts (archivy también contains both visual style, Start button si original wallpapers Windows 10As well as files .

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Dll necessary customization your look Windows 7, for 32 si 64 bit). After installing the utility UXStyle, Move files from folder Themes (Extracted from the archive) folder C: Windows Resources Themes (where C: is system partition), Thfourpeasonline.com replace thy también original system files with the files in thy también folder System Files (Bewary también system architecture you, 32-bit or 64-bit). Start button you can modify it using a utility third-party gfourpeasonline.come Winsiete Start Orb Loader (Credit stkov